The Tap~

The Tap is currently set above the American National Dropout Crisis. G.E.T. is designed to amplify the voice of Student America. We hope you dig the music and message.

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The Tip~

Money matters. LoveTap is a for-profit organization, but if you are to give LoveTap some dough we want to prove ourselves worthy bakers.

So ask away!

“Why the heck do you deserve my support?”

Sick question. CRUCIAL question during uncertain times, so we pride ourselves in having a damn good answer.

1. Music is our passion, not our profession…. And the world runs on passion (sorry Dunkin Donuts).

2. All income and donation will have 1/3 personally delivered to some quality organizations by LoveTap’s fleet of lickhappy triceratops’.

3. We’re in it for the full team.

For collaboration, questions, or if you have an awesome riddle, contact Jack at

DISCLAIMER: To our knowledge the triceratops remains extinct. We don’t have any. Pretty bummed about that.