Meet The LoveTap

 Rhythm is a part of everyone. It reflects your mood, communicates your message and even defines your health. We think that beat needs unleashed. Most people let it out on their steering wheel, tap their feet or nod their head. Some take it a few steps further and become percussionists so they can share their rhythm with the world. The LoveTap is a solution somewhere in the middle. Our goal is to make approachable and hassle-free percussion for everyone, so you can march to the beat of your own drum.

We want to create the LoveTap in a way that is respectful to our employees, our customers and our planet. The best way for us to achieve these goals is to build a process in the U.S. that we can oversee and improve continuously. Upgrading our manufacturing operation is the main reason for enlisting Kickstarter. We need to leverage the amazing group of backers found here so we can purchase equipment and source materials at an efficient scale. 

The LoveTap is designed to appeal to as many people as possible, we want the soundscape it produces to be familiar. We settled on the common drum set with our own twist. You can find these sounds across nearly all music genres and cultures. This patent pending design didn't happen overnight. Inspiration struck while pushing a stroller over cracks in the sidewalk. That steady beat paired with a few taps on the stroller's handle began a mission to create a percussive outlet for everyone.    

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